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Grapefruit, a sublime marriage of tartness and sweetness, transcends the boundaries of flavor, seamlessly enhancing both savory and sweet dishes. From the break of dawn to the night's embrace, relish its versatile charm. Start your day with a refreshing breakfast—half a grapefruit, lightly sugared, alongside eggs. For lunch or dinner, elevate a salad of spinach, avocado, and red onion with slices of this citrus wonder, dressed in mustard and balsamic vinegar. Delight in the sweet and tart symphony of grapefruit bars, or craft a sophisticated cocktail by juicing and pairing it with simple syrup and alcohol. Embrace health with its abundant vitamin C and A, making Grapefruit a kitchen essential.

  • Balances tart and sweet flavors
  • Versatile for both sweet and savory dishes
  • Suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert
  • Rich source of vitamin C and vitamin A

Usage Suggestions

Light Morning Delight: Enjoy half a grapefruit sprinkled with sugar alongside eggs for a refreshing breakfast. Vibrant Salad Addition: Slice and add to a salad with spinach, avocado, and red onion, topped with mustard and balsamic vinegar dressing for a flavorful lunch or dinner. Sweet Citrus Indulgence: Create delectable grapefruit bars to savor the harmonious blend of sweet and tart.

Environmental and Ethical Practices

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1 serving per container

Serving Size 1

Amount per serving

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Calories per gram:
Fat 9 • Carbohydrate 4 • Protein 4

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