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When you shop with Instagopher, there is no need to step foot inside a congested supermarket ever again. Our mission is simple: to provide the best services possible. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we strive to deliver excellence in every interaction.

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A room number is not required when ordering prior to your arrival, however please provide the name of the hotel and the person the reservation will be booked under. The name allotted to the reservation will be attached to the room number once you have checked in to your hotel. Also, although a few do, most hotels do not accept or store groceries on your behalf. Once you have checked into your hotel, you can give us a call or text to let us know your room number.

If you're going to be staying inside a gated community, please inform the security team or property manager there that you will be receiving a grocery delivery during the time slot that you booked for us to come. Please only select a time that someone will be available to accept the delivery directly

We do not deliver directly to islands other than Nassau and Paradise Island, but we do make deliveries to all marinas and vessels that travel to these islands. When placing your order, please let us know the name of the boat/vessel your reservation is under. A slip number is not necessary for ordering though it would be helpful to submit if available. Also, please provide a contact number or have access to your phone for our incoming call or text.

When catching a connecting flight from Nassau to one of the other islands within The Bahamas, you can consider ordering your groceries online to have them packaged and waiting for you at the airport when you land. We make daily grocery deliveries to Lynden Pindling International Airport and surrounding flight services based on your selected delivery date and time.


Common questions customers have about deliveries.


Standard questions about delivery:


Office Hours of operation

We are available for contact from 8am to 10pm daily for any questions that you may have. Feel free to Call, Text, WhatsApp, Email or send us a message via our live chat.


Holiday disclaimer

While we operate every day of the year, sometimes stocks run low during holidays due to higher consumption. Please endeavor to order a day or two in advance of Bahamian holidays so that we can best serve you.


Item Out-of-Stock Disclaimer

Occasionally an item may be unavailable or out of stock of an item and no substitution may be able; in which we will give you a full refund for said items.


Item substitution

In the event that the store is out of stock of a particular item you have selected, we may have a suitable substitution available (eg: You order whole milk, but only have 2% Milk is on hand). If a substitution is not to your liking, you can return the item, and we will issue you a refund for that product.


Delivery Schedule

While we are open for contact from 8am to 10pm, we delivered from 12pm to 8pm in 1 hour increments of time (e.g.,: 1pm to 2pm) that you can select on the checkout page when finalizing your order.


Delivery Fee & Minimum Order

We have a minimum order amount of $75 per order. We charge a fixed $9.99 delivery fee on each order.


When can I place my order

You can order days, weeks, or months in advance of your trip; it is up to your own discretion, however we do not offer same day deliveries. The daily cutoff time to place an order is 8pm to be delivered, at the earliest, 12pm-1pm the following day (if you missed the cut-off time please contact us immediately, and we will do our best to accommodate you.)


Standard hotel check in time

Hotel check-in begins at 4pm, however you may be able to check in earlier if you place a request with the hotel prior to your arrival. Please pick a check in time that you will be available to physically accept the delivery.


How you receive your order

A room number is not required for you to place an order when checking out, however please input the name of the person who booked the room into the shipping address as that is the name the hotel will assign the room number to.


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