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This soft, fruity red possesses the cherry like fruitiness and smooth texture characteristic of the Merlot variety. It should appeal especially to dealcoholized wine drinkers seeking some of the health benefits of red wine along with the sophistication of a world-class varietal. The Fre Merlot has been awarded a silver medal at the California State Fair Wine Competition and bronze medals at the Dallas Morning News, Florida State Fair, Indiana State Fair International, and San Francisco International wine competitions. Fre Merlot is produced using the revolutionary spinning cone column, which gently removes the alcohol while preserving the delicate aroma and flavour essences. Unfermented juice is then added to help retain the texture of wine and its varietal character. The result is a fruity, delicious beverage with the characteristic aromas and flavours of premium wine, yet with under 0.5% alcohol and fewer than half the calories.
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