19 Crimes Hard Chardonnay

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19 Crimes South Australia Hard Chardonnay White Wine is full-bodied with ripe stone fruit flavors balanced with high acidity, toasty oak, honey, and hints of spice. Finishes with creamy notes of butterscotch and vanilla add a rich and buttery taste. 19 Crimes tells the true story of rulebreakers who beat the odds and overcame adversity to become folk heroes. British rogues guilty of a least one of the 19 crimes were sentenced to live in Australia, rather than death, and as pioneers in a frontier penal colony, they forged a new country and new lives, brick by brick. This wine honors their brave contributions with a rich, bold, and buttery Chardonnay from Australia. Pair this Hard Chardonnay with seafood, mushrooms, or bold cheese.
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Short Description750 ML
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